About the Robot Control Technologies company

We are Robot Control Technologies, an innovative company founded in 2014. We specialize in creating integrated control solutions for robotics. We are focused on the development of the RCML programming language that simplifies programming of robots' actions for cooperation.

Additionally, we develop control software for automation of test bench assembly tasks with the use of industrial robots, including the tasks of robots co-operation within a single assembly bench.

Company mission

We aim at radically changing the approach to robotics, at removing the barrier between humans and robots, and at creating a new language as a means of communication clear for both parties.

We want to integrate robots into our life and make them part of it. We want to expand this new area of human activities associated with robotics and automation.

We want to make our society better by creating conditions for delegating monotonous labor to robots, and by subsequent unleashing human potential for solving creative and inventive tasks.


12, Monastyrskaya St., lit. A,
Office 600, Perm, Russia


+7 (342) 214 01 84