Additional libraries written in RCML are included as follows: each library included is written in a new line from include_lib keyword in the beginning followed by a separating character (for example, space character), followed by the identifier – library name (to use to apply to the library in the code), and then a separating character and a path to the file with library byte code (pc-file) in double quotes.


include_lib library_name “path_to_library_file”

Example of the program including math library:

include_lib math "../export_library/etalon.rcml.pc"
function main() {
	s = math.sum(1,2);
	system.echo("\n1 + 2 =",s,"\n");

The process of creating the library is described in Section "Creating RCML Library File".

Library file search process by the compiler is similar to the search of the file to be included. However, the library code is not included into the executable program code. A link to the library file is created in the executable program, and running such a program will also require the file of the library compiled, as in case of compilation.

You can include the same library file under different names-identifiers. 

It should be noted that libraries can have links to other libraries, i.e., when compiling the library, it is allowed to include other libraries in it.